7 Catholic Gifts to Build the Domestic Church

Thy Olive Tree Domestic Church Gift Guide

How often are you gifted something that seems so cool in the moment, but is soon forgotten? The appeal is lost. Or worse, the actual gift is lost! I'm looking at you messy shelf in the hallway closet. We live in a consumer culture of things, stuff and... more things. If you, like me, are looking to make your gift-giving more Christ-centered and more meaningful, consider these 7 gifts. Not only are these items beautifully Catholic, but they innovatively go one step further to serve as actual tools to help you and your family celebrate your faith, build the Domestic Church and grow as disciples of Christ.

I’ll start with what I’ve personally purchased:

1. Catholic Family Crate

Catholic Family Crate


This monthly subscription box for Catholic families is so well done. As their website attests, their “crates are specifically designed to cut through the noise; be engaging to children and aesthetically pleasing to parents; and anchor the family in catechetical growth without having to spend hours and hours piecemealing things together. It's as simple as ordering the crate and following the SIMPLE instructions.” Aesthetically pleasing to parents is spot on. I was so thankful they didn’t take a cheesy, cartoony spin on things. The materials were beautifully designed and immediately found a spot on our prayer altar to display. Kids need beauty and this company recognizes that! The materials inside the box provide easy ways to celebrate saints’ feast days, discuss virtues, pray the Rosary and more. If you want to celebrate the faith but don’t have time to plan every tiny detail, this is the box for you!

2. A Cozy Rosary Blanket from Fiat to Halo

Cozy Rosary Blanket

This idea is genius. The Cozy Rosary is an oversized blanket with an image of a one decade rosary. Fiat to Halo created a really soft, Catholic-inspired blanket and took it one step further… literally! As your family prays the Rosary, your child(ren) can step from bead to bead on the blanket to keep track of their place. It’s beautiful, interactive and fun! I’m gifting this to my daughter for Christmas this year and can’t wait to show her how to use it.

3. The Catholic All Year Compendium by Kendra Tierney 

Catholic All Year Compendium

Kendra Tierney from Catholic All Year has so many incredible ideas when it comes to living liturgically. Her book, The Catholic All Year Compendium: Liturgical Living for Real Life, is filled with suggestions for celebrating the liturgical year. Divided by liturgical season and date, it is so easy to look ahead, find a few feast days to celebrate and use Kendra’s tried and true methods for celebrating. This would be a terrific gift for anyone just getting started or looking to amp up their liturgical living.

4. My Catholic Keepsake Baby / Child's Memory Book by Thy Olive Tree

My Catholic Keepsake Baby Memory Books

Full transparency. I own this product because I created this product 😊 My Catholic Keepsake is a modern memory book / scrapbook designed just for Catholic parents to record their child’s developmental AND faith-based milestones. Finally, a beautiful memory book that let’s you capture what’s most important to you and your family – faith! Our books cover everything from baby's first step and first time going to Mass, all the way to Confirmation and Senior Year. Thoughtfully designed for busy Catholic families, this book contains just enough without being overwhelming. Capture memories little by little over the years and you'll end up with the perfect graduation gift for your child as they head onward, armed with reminders of the importance of their faith!


Next up are a few products I have my eye on for purchasing when my kids are just a little bit older:

5. The Wanderlust Catholic by Annunciation Designs

Wanderlust Catholic Letters

My family loves to travel and I’ve previously written about our love of pilgrimages. The Wanderlust Catholic Monthly Letter Subscription helps bring this to life, even when you are stuck at home! As their site explains, “Each month, subscribers will receive a hand-lettered and illustrated letter detailing the beauty and wonder of a piece of Catholicism.  Explore churches, apparition sites, Saints’ homes, pilgrimage sites, local traditions, and more.  Children and adults alike will watch the mailbox in anticipation, awaiting a new tale.” How fun is that? Maybe I won’t wait until my kids are older. I think I need this now.  Use coupon code* OLIVE15 for 15% off the first 3 months of your subscription (only valid on the month-to-month subscription, not pre-paid gifts).

*This is an affiliate code, meaning I may get a commission for referring sales, at no additional cost to you.

6. A Mass Set from Worthy of Agape

Worthy of Agape Mass Set

Kids get toy kitchens to play chef, trains to play conductor and forts to play house. Why not a Mass set to play… the liturgy!? “These handcrafted and hand painted items allow children to connect with the liturgy in a new way. By encouraging at home play and prayer, Mass sets are an incredible addition to any home.” Can you think of a more meaningful toy to have in your home? Worthy of Agape's Deluxe Mass Sets are very comprehensive, too! They include pieces like the chalice, ciborium, cruets and paten… um… I think this would be a great educational opportunity for adults (ahem…me!) as well. Just think about the conversations you could have as a family! Now that you all want to go and buy this, I should caution that at the time of this article's publication, they were sold out. So, sign up to their email list to be notified of the next restock!

7. Saint Story Cards from Greenhouse Collective

Greenhouse Collective Saint Story Cards

I just discovered this company and am so excited about their Saint Story Cards. As their site describes, “these story cards offer a new way to learn, pray, and play together. Each card depicts the saints' stories in visual and written form and invites you to more deeply reflect on your own journey towards sainthood.” What I love so much about this is the combination of several components into one. Beautifully illustrated cards with stories that align like a puzzle and prayerful reflections make this a fun and educational tool for the whole family.

There you have it -- 7 truly meaningful and unique, Catholic gifts to build the Domestic Church and grow in faith as a family. Happy shopping!

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