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Kendra Tierney Photo"Baby personalities and all these little milestones never get old, even with the tenth baby! I’ve put together a photo book of their first year for all of the kids (so far, hope I didn’t just jinx it) but Kate at Thy Olive Tree apparently thinks I can step my game up, because she sent us this very cute, very Catholic little baby keepsake book. It seems pretty manageable? And I know it would be meaningful to have later on. It covers the whole baby- and childhood but without overdoing it. It’s got pages for regular stuff like milestones and school pictures, and the stuff that folks like US want to keep track of, like sacraments and baby’s first pilgrimage (we JUST did that one!)"   -Kendra Tierney, Catholic All Year

"The keepsake book is sparkled with inspiring Bible verses and quotes with space for pictures, notes...and though I expected it to be huge, since it covers so many years, it is actually beautifully condensed so that a non-scrapbooker like me can approach the book without overwhelm. A wonderful gift for new moms and seasoned mamas who want an easy and pretty way to capture memories and the sacramental life."

Lisa Canning Photo"Wow, I just love this book so much! What an amazing tool for Catholic families to keep track of the sacraments and more. It’s such a beautiful keepsake and special way to remember all those fun and important milestones!”

Katie Bogner Photo

"This brilliant book is just the right combo of babybook, school photo keeper, and Sacrament scrapbook- I've never seen anything like it! With very little fuss or work, a parent could catalogue the most important milestones of a Catholic kiddo's life all in one place.”

-Katie Bogner, Look to Him and Be Radiant, Author of Through the Year with Jesus: Gospel Readings and Reflections for Children

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