New Rosary Book Brings Art Out of Quarantine Just in Time for Month of Mary


A Painted Rosary



Portage, Michigan, May 1, 2021 -- At a time when visiting churches and museums can still be challenging, a small Catholic publisher brings sacred art into homes. On May 1, 2021, Thy Olive Tree launched A Painted Rosary, a prayer book for adults and older children containing the 20 mysteries of the Rosary with corresponding paintings from the 11th-17th centuries. The curated selection of paintings includes both commonly and seldom seen masterpieces, from El Greco’s ‘Christ Carrying the Cross’ to an unknown artist’s miniature painting of ‘Pentecost.’

“One thing I’ve really missed during the pandemic is being able to travel to beautiful cathedrals and shrines,” said Kate Frantz, Owner & Author. “There is so much peace to be had while sitting in a pew of an old church, soaking in the art and architecture. I hope this book provides a small slice of that atmosphere many of us long for now.”

It was important to Frantz that the book be beautifully and thoughtfully designed. “I’m using artwork from some of the greatest masters of sacred art,” said Frantz. “The book itself – its design, layout and quality – needed to be suitable to contain these great works.”

Frantz chose a sleek and modern design, using colors from the paintings to tie it all together. With a minimalist approach, A Painted Rosary only includes text where necessary, allowing one to focus and meditate more easily on the full-page paintings. Each mystery of the Rosary also includes a vertical, Printed Bead Tracker, designed for readers to move their thumb along the page to keep their place.

Thy Olive Tree is a Catholic publisher of beautiful, innovative, and transformative books. Their first publication was My Catholic Keepsake, a memory book for parents to record their child’s spiritual and developmental milestones.

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