Tips for Using "My Catholic Keepsake"

We hope "My Catholic Keepsake" baby memory book becomes a cherished record of important faith and developmental milestones. We've included some tips to help you get started:


  • Any circle with a photo size in it is meant to be the largest suggested photo size to use. We also sometimes include suggestions for types of photos to place as well. e.g. ultrasound photo. But, don't feel like you have to follow these suggestions. You have the flexibility to place any photo of any size you like over the circle!
  • Any 2x3 or 3X5 photo is meant to be horizontal in layout
  • All month-by-month photos are 2x3 size
  • All 2.5x3.5 school photos are meant to be vertical. We've included dotted lines to help you line them up for each year
  • Some pages are purposefully kept blank. This way, you can choose which photos to place, exactly where you want them.

Specific Pages & Ideas

  • "Your First" Page: You might choose to write in the date each milestone occurred. e.g. First Word: July 2. Or, you could write in a descriptor. e.g. First Word: Mama. Or both!
  • "Your First" Page: There is a place for "First Pilgrimage." Remember, this doesn't have to be a fancy trip to Italy! Consider visiting a local Cathedral or Shrine as a special faith-filled journey.
  • School Years: For each school year, you can write different ways your child grew in their faith. Examples include: Learned to pray the rosary, led prayer at dinner, attended a youth retreat, showed more compassion for siblings. It doesn't necessarily have to be school related.
  • "First Reconciliation:" This can be a harder sacrament to capture photos. Ideas include: a photo outside the church, up at the altar or at a kneeler. You may also wish to leave your camera at home for this solemn moment and instead take photos afterwards-- perhaps at a family dinner.
  • Blank pages in the back: This is a great way to get creative. Document a first doodle, place a lock of hair for first haircut (if that's your thing), paste in that first report card, or just add tons and tons of photos!

We hope these tips are helpful. Enjoy!