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  • 7 Catholic Gifts to Build the Domestic Church

    How often are you gifted something that seems so cool in the moment, but is soon forgotten? The appeal is lost. Or worse, the actual gift is lost! I'm looking at you messy shelf in the hallway closet. We live in a consumer culture of things, stuff and... more things. If you, like me, are looking to make your gift-giving more Christ-centered and more meaningful, consider these 7 gifts. Not only are these items beautifully Catholic, but they innovatively go one step further to serve as actual tools to help you and your family celebrate your faith, build the Domestic Church and grow as disciples of Christ.
  • Praying the Rosary with a Toddler — One, Eight, One, Fly!

    With two little kiddos, it can be challenging to come up with ways to incorporate our Catholic faith in the every day. It seems there is a lot they are just too young for still. When I proposed praying a decade of the Rosary each night, I’ll admit, I didn’t know if it would stick. But, after a few months, I’m happy to report it’s been quite manageable. For anyone who is interested in giving it a try, here are some things that have worked well for us and some tips for making it fun!
  • The Home Altar: Creating a Dedicated Prayer Space

    A Catholic home altar can help draw us to prayer. Learn tips for building a dedicated prayer space in your home.